Take your story to The Next Chapter.

Applications for The Next Chapter are now closed. If you submitted, best of luck with your application.  We hope to announce the 2021 recipients in early November.

Every writer knows that the story is only the beginning; that original storytelling needs time, support and a space in which to thrive.

Each year, we pick ten outstanding writers and give them $15,000 each to develop their work. We match them with a mentor and work closely with them on bringing their writing to life, connecting them with peers, publishers and readers.

How does The Next Chapter help writers?

Next Chapter recipients Adam Thompson, Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen, Ara Sarafian, Meleika Gesa-Fatafehi, Nayuka Gorrie, Ennis Cehic, Evelyn Araluen, Adrian Stanley, Yamiko Marama, Jean Bachoura, Arthur Bolkas, Lian Low and Dan Hogan reflect on the impact of the scheme.