About us

Every writer knows that the story is only the beginning; that original storytelling needs time, support and a space in which to thrive.

Presented by the Wheeler Centre, with support from the Aesop Foundation, The Next Chapter is here to elevate the Australian stories that aren’t being published – and to nurture a new generation of writers, from all sorts of backgrounds, to tell them.

Each year, we pick ten outstanding writers and give them $15,000 each to develop their work. We match them with a mentor and work closely with them on bringing their writing to life, connecting them with peers, publishers and readers.

The Next Chapter is setup with the specific aim of supporting a new generation of writers to develop their skills and work from the ground up. It’s about celebrating writers who reflect the diversity of Australian identities and experiences, and offering opportunities to writers from marginalised communities. 

Across the country – in our regions, in our suburbs, in our cities – we know there are aspiring writers with stories to tell. So let’s hear them.