Adrian Stanley: ‘The informal support as well as the formal support’s been really good'

2018 Next Chapter recipient Adrian Stanley discusses his experience of the scheme.

The Next Chapter: Adrian Stanley on support from the Next Chapter scheme

'My experience with the Next Chapter has been positive. Got a lot of support from, you know, from when I put the transcript in – people sent me an email saying, "we've received it, thank you and here's the process". So I've been kept informed right up from when I first put the transcript in, each week.

'Then there was a forum built for all of the writers, so we can swap and talk and interact with each other, and then even the follow up stuff – when people are in Adelaide, just rang me and said, "look, I'm in Adelaide, shall we catch up?" So, you know, the informal support as well as the formal support's been really good. And then, of course, putting me in contact with the mentor, that's going really well. So things are looking positive and that's all thank you to the Wheeler Centre.'