Jamila Rizvi: ‘Finding the time and space to write is really, really difficult'

Author, presenter and political commentator Jamila Rizvi on the importance of finding the time to develop a larger piece of work.

The Next Chapter: Jamila Rizvi on finding the time to write

'I think the most important thing for a writer is time and space. And that sounds really simple and it sounds like something as a younger, more inexperienced person perhaps you've got a ton of, right, but that's rarely the case. When you're not making a living already from your writing, finding the time and space to write is really, really difficult.'

'And that's why I think this is so important, because we're giving young writers, emerging writers, writers who people might not have taken a chance on otherwise, the all-important time and space to have a go. To experiment, to get it wrong, to cut it back, to start all over again.'

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