Lian Low: ‘The opportunity to go through professional development … is amazing'

2018 Next Chapter recipient Lian Low discusses how the scheme has helped her writing through access to professional development programs and workshops.

The Next Chapter: Lian Low on how The Next Chapter has helped develop her writing

'The ten thousand words that I had submitted in the beginning, it's changed so much, but it's also so much deeper in terms of the story, the storytelling, the craft, the plotting, the characters also. And, you know, I think one of the other things that's part of the Next Chapter scheme is that I've been given the opportunity to go through professional development, which is on top of everything else that we get, which is amazing.

'So I've done speculative fiction workshops with Writers Victoria, so I've done one with Claire Coleman and then Lili Wilkinson, too. For me, I wanted to get this broader picture, and then coming back to the work and feeding off [mentor] Rebecca Lim in terms of what I'm doing just gave me this better understanding of what the bigger landscape is. And then kind of coming down, knuckling down to my own work.'