Toni Jordan: ‘It’s an exercise in holding your nerve'

Toni Jordan discusses the value of mentorship – particularly in getting through publishing your first major work.

The Next Chapter: Toni Jordan on mentorship

'Publishing a major work is an act of faith in yourself. It's an exercise in holding your nerve through all that time. Not only is it enormously intensive and time consuming – it's problem solving, because every day you find some new thing that you don't know how to do.'

'So all this is going on at the same time, and as you're working you're changing as a person and you're changing as a writer. So you have some days where you have a great day and you think, "Finally I'm getting the hang of this", and then the next day the manuscript will just kick your arse, and you'll go, "I'm no better at this – possibly I'm worse than I was at the beginning". So the idea of having someone to guide you a little bit, talk you down off the ledge, that's a really important part of the process.'